Guide To Buying Arena Mirrors
Question 1 - Why would I consider purchasing equestrian arena mirrors?

Success is about continual incremental improvement. Many agree that the best training aid in any arena is a set of mirrors to help riders simultaneously record both visually and physically correct positions of horse and rider. . 

The ability to see when a movement is correct and commit that feeling to memory enables the rider to make rapid improvements. Equally, incorrect positions and movements can be spotted immediately and corrected.

The rider and trainer can see what the judges actually see and make their adjustments accordingly.

As supplementary support to a rider developing skill and technique while schooling alone their value is immeasurable.

Made2measure manufactures and sells mirrors that provide a clear picture of horse and rider in a rigid metal framework that ensures no distortion, no movement in strong winds or rotting, as can occur with wooden structures.

Our mirrors will provide a high quality training aid for many years to come and represent a sound investment for any equestrian establishment.

Question 2 - Why choose Made2Measure arena mirrors?
Safety; All our mirror glass is 6mm thick and are safety backed to BS EN 12600 class B2B for frontal impact ensuring that if the mirror were to break the mirror pieces would stay together within the frame. In addition, the mirrors are backed with a 18mm thick foam impact protector bonded to the mirror acting as shock absorber should anything suck as birds, branches or hail hit the mirrors strike the mirrors limiting the likelihood of damage. The mirrors are framed in external grade steel and aluminium throughout offering a strength and rigidity and protection we feel is unparalleled. 
Adjustable; All outdoor arena mirrors come with a tilt function, allowing the reflection to be adjusted according to the height of horse and rider.
Flexible; Our design has allowed for the foil backed mirror glass to be replaced without replacing the whole mirror frame if required. Saving you money. We pride ourselves on both our quality and build design. 
Quality; All mirrors conform to the highest specifications available with the highest standards of materials used, professionally designed and manufactured in-house in our factory in Lincolnshire.
Guarantee; All installed products come with a 3 year guarantee against manufacturer defects and warping.* (only available on installed products).
Peace of mind; Professional and friendly team that has been in business for 30 years.
Time; Short lead times from date of order to installation.
Choice; Range of sizes, colour options and printed back panels available.
Price; Competitively priced.
Question 3 - How many mirrors do I need and where should they be positioned?
Whatever the size of your arena, the principles of the mirror configuration remain the same.
The ideal entry level solution is to opt for a three landscape mirror solution located in the middle of the short side. We always recommend odd numbers of mirrors to ensure the centre of any run has mirror glass as opposed a join. This way the rider can move up through the centre line enjoying unfettered line of vision rather than a looking down a join.
This particular solution, amongst other things, demonstrates how the rider will be able to see their halt and salute for the judge through the centre line at the C marker. As such we consider this the basic entry level solution for all mirror runs.
Extreme care needs to be taken with any mirrors set in portrait view. Horses feet and mirrors need to be kept well apart and for this reason we strongly advise against portrait mirrors except in the corners of the arenas where the horse is turning and the path is further away from the mirrors.
What does need consideration is the height of the bottom mirror. This will vary according to the slope of the arena (which aids the drainage) and also the size of the horse and rider. Before we manufacture we would need to know the average size of the horse working the arena so we can ensure the rider can see the horses feet during a ride by.
The next option to consider is a five mirror installation with three landscape accompanied with two vertical end mirrors. These extended views allow the rider to see clearly down both channels and better develop lateral work.
We can continue to add mirrors to the long side as far as you may wish. We can also build extra-large configurations but these are all price on application.
Below are diagrams to size showing various popular configurations.
Positioning of arena mirrors
 Where should arena mirrors be positioned
Question 4 - Are the mirrors safe?
All our mirror glass is 6mm thick and safety backed to BS EN 12600 class B2B for frontal impact ensuring they are safe and if the mirror were to break the mirror pieces would stay together within the frame. We have an additional 18mm thick foam impact protector bonded to the mirror acting as shock absorber should anything suck as birds, branches or hail hit the mirrors strike the mirrors limiting the likelihood of damage. We use external grade steel and aluminium throughout offering a strength and rigidity and protection we feel is unparalleled. The design has allowed for the foil backed mirror glass to be replaced without replacing the whole mirror frame if required. We pride ourselves on both our quality and build design.  
All our mirrors conform to European quality standards EN 1036-1 and EN 1036-2 and produced in factories with ISO 9001 certification. This means all our mirrors meet EN standards for industry recognised standards including reflective properties, water spray testing and anti-corrosion testing. The ISO 9001 certification means our factories are environmentally friendly and that during the manufacturing process less waste is produced and managed to ensure easier onward recycling.
Our mirrors are copper free and lead free and this further stops premature silvering deterioration and is the chosen specification for bathrooms and wet rooms due to it properties anti corrosion properties. As such our mirror specification offers the best resistance to natural atmospheric corrosion available in the market. The iron content in glass is what gives it its green hue. By removing the iron in the glass prior to silvering the light transmission greatly increases as does the clarity and thus the brightness and quality of the reflection. This is not the same as OPTI White mirror which is not a low iron mirror. Low iron is the highest quality standard on the market in terms of reflective properties.  
As such we know what we are saying when we say our mirror glass is the highest quality specification available on the market. 
Question 5 - How are the arena mirrors manufactured?
Our mirrors are precision engineered and manufactured here in at our UK factory. Firstly all our mirrors are fully encased in an external grade heavy duty aluminium channel that are sealed so that no water can reach the edges of the mirrors. All our mirrors can be powder coated in a range of colours if required. The mirrors are 6mm thick using low iron copper free lead free foil backed mirror glass. The mirror glass is encased within the aluminium frame using an external grade precision engineered trim that ensures no water ingress can occur. It is then further sealed with a protective water sealant during our manufacturing process. Each mirror is protected in each corner with a 3.2mm thick aluminium alloy extrusion and all the joining components are 2.5mm thick stainless steel external grade 316.
The mirror is then bonded to a protective external grade foam backing 18mm thick for added impact protection. The backing is a white plastic external grade fluted acrylic sheet that can be printed with a design of your choice if you wish.  
The hot dipped galvanised steel posts are RSJ beams 152x89x16 according to BSEN 10025-2:2004 S355JO and BS4-1:2005/BSEN 10034:1993. The hanging beams are also hot dipped external stainless steel 80mm x 80mmx6mm to specifications BSEN10025-2:2004 S275JR and BSEN 10056-2:1993. They can be powder coated in a selection of colours if required for an additional charge.
Finally our design allows you to tilt the mirrors once erected and ensure a perfect alignment both at point of installation and for continual adjustment over time should circumstances change such as rider growing and moving to a larger horse.   
Question 6 - How do I mount them?
All our mirrors are attached onto posts that are RSJ beams size 152x89x16 according to BSEN 10025-2:2004 S355JO and BS4-1:2005/BSEN 10034:1993. The beams are hot dipped for extra protection as standard. They can be powder coated for an additional charge.. The hanging cross beams are also hot dipped for extra protection using external stainless steel 80mm x 80mmx6mm to specifications BSEN10025-2:2004 S275JR and BSEN 10056-2:1993.
All the steel work is predrilled and ready to install prior to dispatch. The critical factor should you try to install yourself in\s ensuring you dig down far enough and follow our instructions professionally. All mirrors are supplied with all fittings required.
Download instructions and diagrams
Installing landscape mirrors with metal posts Download PDF 
Installing portrait mirrors with metal posts Download PDF
Installing mirrors with wood posts landscape Download PDF 
Installing mirrors with wood posts portrait Download PDF 
We do not offer installation for a timber frame however below is a downloadable PDF showing a timber post erection suitable to hang our mirrors. It is critical the structure is level, parallel and that the appropriate materials specified are used.
Question 7 - Are the mirrors suitable for both inside and outside use?
These products are specifically designed and built for outdoor use. We use the highest grade external materials throughout ensuring longevity of life and strength of structure. However we can determine a simple and effective indoor solution compatible with any range of cladding options.
Question 8 - Why do you not offer timber frame solutions?
However much timber is aged or treated it will in the end deteriorate over time and has a tendency to twist. To ensure the hanging structure is safe there is additional back bracing required and this not only takes more room, it can also be more unsightly.
We have decided to only offer the metal solution for installation. This solution is built to last and takes less room once in place and is far more aesthetically pleasing. However in Q6 there is a downloadable PDF of the timber solution.
We must stress the importance of ensuring the system is parallel and built to the specifications we supply.
Question 9 - How does the installation work?
Once you have confirmed your order and paid a 10% deposit we will organise a site survey. All our installations involve an initial site survey to assess access and groundworks so that when we come to install the arena area we can complete in a clean and well organised fashion. This also gives you the opportunity to meet the installation team and they will explain the process to ensure you are completely satisfied with the project. On completion of the site survey, your final order will be confirmed and submitted for your approval and a further 30% deposit will be due. Once this has been received we will manufacture your order wirhin 10 working days and an installation date will be confirmed. We will require the 60% balance payment to be paid at least 3 days prior to the installation date. Installation normally takes two days which we try to make consecutive although this is not always possible.
We aim to have your installation completed within 28 working days of site survey.
Question 10 – Can we buy the mirrors supply only and install them ourselves?
Yes. We can supply the mirrors with a guide to DIY installation. This is a three person job unless you have appropriate heavy duty handling equipment. However, it is critical that the structure you hang the mirrors on is built straight, level and parallel with the appropriate materials otherwide the mirror system may not fit. Precision is required to get the mirrors hung perfectly.
Download PDF technical guide of how to hang the mirrors.

Question 11 - Do you offer any guarantee?

Yes. We are so confident in our products we offer a 3 year guarantee on all arena mirrors installed by our team against warping and manufacturer defects.
Question 12 – Do you export?
Yes we do. Please get in touch for our European distributors' contact details.
Question 13 - Is there any issue getting horses used to mirrors?
As with all riding, the confidence in the rider is paramount. Introduce the horse to the mirrors gradually, starting at the furthest distance. Initially it is best to pass the mirrors alongside rather than head on and once the horse gains confidence feel free to let them investigate if they want to look more closely.
Do not allow a horse to touch the mirror as they have no idea that pressure could break a mirror.
It is always advisable to lunge the horse as far from the mirrors as feasible.
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