Guide To Buying Splashbacks

This simple and easy guide will help you make the best and most informed decision prior to making your splashback purchase. We recommend that you take a few minutes to read it through.

Question 1 - How do I measure my wall for mirror and glass?

A lot of people may think it is rather easy just to measure a small or large space but beware as there can be lots of hidden hazards that are not always seen with the naked eye. The most common problem that occurs is that the space you require your mirror or glass to fit is not perfectly square. Failure to identify an area being longer even just by a few mm on one side, this is known as a "rake" and can cause disappointment when you try to fit your glass or mirrors. Take your time when measuring to properly survey the area, especially if you are totally filling a wall with mirror or glass. In such circumstances it may be worth using the help of a professional builder. Areas that are not totally filled with mirror obviously allow for more margin of error on the measure and as such should be straight forward to measure.

As previously mentioned you also need to consider problems like bowed walls, uneven floor and skirting, sockets that require cut outs and the surface material and the methods of fixing. It is recommended you seek professional advice if you are unsure of the integrity and strength of your walls from a local builder, prior to ordering. If you require cut outs for light fittings, ballet barres, sockets, radiators etc. it is vital your measurements are correct - for peace of mind we recommend you outsource this work unless you are totally confident as this does require skill and experience. We will manufacture what we are told to - but if the measurements are incorrect the glass or mirrors will not fit and money has been wasted. Think carefully on this decision.

For a professional finish it is always nice to use the largest size mirrors for a seamless look and consider "symmetry". Another important factor to consider is the maximum size you choose. You need to make sure that the sheets can fit through doors and openings. Larger glass is more difficult to handle and as an example a 2440mm x1220mm 6mm glass weighs 45kgs. We recommend you keep to this size or smaller because of this weight issue. Anything larger introduces more risk and requires specialist equipment.

You need to check that the glass panels have access points -

Where does the delivery van park?

Is it safe to move the glass or does there need to be consideration of other business / public?

Will the glass fit through the doorway?

What is the safest and easiest route to take the mirrors to the proposed installation location?

Finally you need to consider storage of the mirrors prior to fitting them to ensure they do not become damaged. This is very important as mirrors should be properly stored on metal racks for safety and we recommend you install your glass as soon as possible. You must consider if there is any health and safety risks associated with the storage of the glass prior to installation and take the appropriate measures.

DO NOT STORE THE GLASS OR MIRROR FLAT ON THE FLOOR Glass and mirror sheets are best stored on the edge and we recommend you use a suitable floor covering to protect your items while stored. Leaning the glass against the wall can damage the wall so again place some protection if you are using this method. Common sense is required but it is best to have this planned prior to arrival of the glass panels to ensure the best decisions are made.
Question 2 - Can you measure the glass for me?

Digital surveying is the most accurate way to take measurements for your splashback area or cutting physical templates. Precision accuracy at this stage does potentially save you time and potential problems further down the line and is probably the only aspect of the project installation you may want to consider outsourcing to us.

We charge £150 + VAT for this service.

Alternatively, you can supply us with your measurements or a template - we charge £30 incl VAT to process templates.

Question 3 - What thickness and type of material should I opt for?

V IMPORTANT - Please note the clarity of acrylic is greater than low iron and this can result in a very, small colour deviance between materials. However, you can use acrylic as your main splashback and heat treated toughened glass behind the heat source.

For most glass splashback applications 5mm acrylic is more than adequate and 6mm toughened low iron glass is suitable behind a heat source. However we can spray and print on a range of thickness and for larger panels and other applications thicker glass or acrylic can be processed.


Normal annealed mirror or glass is suitable in all wall cladding locations except by a heat source if using glue.

Since our toughened mirrors are hand made you cannot mix our standard tinted mirror with our toughened tinted mirror as there is a slight colour difference.

Heat can damage acrylic panels over time and annealed normal glass (not toughened) may crack if heated. As such we always recommend toughened glass over a heat source however there are some guidelines, not recommendations, that can be applied when deciding whether or not your splashback requires toughened glass.

The minimum distances from a heat source for either annealed glass or an acrylic splashback is as follows -

Induction, ceramic and electric hobs - 7cm/ 75mm/ 3 inches

Gas hob - 23cm/ 230mm / 9 inches


Question 4 - What are your tolerances and quality standards?

Our tolerances are + / - 1mm and all our glass and acrylic is cut and controlled using state of the art CNC machinery and scanning equipment.

All our glass is toughened in house and we polish all glass as standard.

Please note all our CNC cut outs have an internal 5mm radius.

All our acrylic is laser cut in house offering a polished edge as standard.

All our painted and printed glass is manufactured onto low iron float glass which has less of the green hue than that of standard float glass. This is the only glass product that can properly ensure the clarity and colour is replicated as close as possible your selections.

V IMPORTANT - Please note the clarity of acrylic is greater than low iron and this can result in a very, small colour deviance between materials. However, you can use acrylic as your main splashback and heat treated toughened glass behind the heat source.

We custom-mix, spray and then heat cure all our splashbacks in-house. This ensures rich and vibrant colours which can be perfectly matched, and all our painted glass splashbacks come with a 10-year paint finish warranty.



Question 5 - Can I order a sample?

A glass splashback is a long term investment and it is important you get it right and we recommend purchasing a sample prior to purchasing.

Question 6 - What is RITEC Clearshield?

We offer Ritec ClearShield easy-clean coating which makes it almost effortless to wipe away marks with a Teflon like non-stick coating on the glass. It is applied here at the factory and is an option for selection at the point of purchase. We recommend that Ritec is selected in bathroom applications. It can also be applied to acrylic.

Question 7 - What glass and acrylic processing options are available and what do they mean?

We cut and polish as standard on all splashback items. We can drill holes, cut notches and shapes as well as plug socket cut outs. We can process templates by scanning them directly into our CNC machines. We do not charge for templates sent in on material 4mm or thicker.

Question 8 - Can I get discounts for larger orders?

We always price to win and genuinely believe we can beat any like for like quote.

Corporate groups are managed with a dedicated account manager and installation team.

Question 9 - How are orders processed?

Orders received on weekends or public holidays will be processed the next working day. We use a fragile goods delivery specialist for most orders especially sizes over 1000mm any one side and you will be notified of an expected delivery date once the order has been dispatched. For larger items, the drivers will call on route and we expect someone to be available to help unload these fragile items. For smaller items we may use a standard courier which will reduce the delivery times and, where possible, they may opt to leave your item with a neighbour or in a safe place and put a note through your door to advise. However, any time or date for delivery stated by the Company shall be treated as an estimate only. No liability can be accepted by the Company for failure to deliver within any specific time period. Please note we cannot accept responsibility for delivery delays due to adverse weather conditions or abnormal traffic restrictions. The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever (including consequential loss or loss of profit) arising directly or indirectly from any delay in the delivery of all or any of the goods howsoever caused. When placing your order, please ensure that you have included the full delivery address details, including an accurate postcode of the delivery address and your daytime contact telephone number(s) and an up to date e-mail address so that we can notify you of dispatch and delivery date and in the event of a delivery problem.

We will email confirmation of your orders and then confirm via email once again after it has been dispatched. The final delivery date will normally be confirmed by a text alert but in certain circumstances we may also email.

You will find all details of your order status if you login to your account section on our website.

Question 10 - What is your return policy?

Made2measure Products

All made to measure bespoke products sold on the made2measure online store are 'final sale' products and cannot be returned. This is due to the customized nature of made 2 measure products. However, you may still file a return claim in these circumstances:

A custom made product arrived damaged.

Damaged orders must be documented and reported within two business days of the delivery date. Any damaged custom orders reported after two business days beyond the delivery date cannot be returned.

Damaged custom items must be in the original packaging if applicable.

Restocking fees would not apply in these circumstances.

Local customers may return damaged custom products directly at our Lincolnshire factory at no charge.

A made 2 measure order cannot be cancelled after it has been submitted and accepted which is deemed at point of payment by you, the customer.

If your custom-made order arrived in good condition, then your product falls under the FINAL SALE category and cannot be returned due to the specific custom nature of our business.

A photo of damaged custom product may be required to be sent to us before we can issue a refund or exchange.

In-Stock Products

All of our in-stock readymade products sold on the online store have a fourteen day return policy on purchases -- where we will refund your order total. Products must be returned to us under these conditions:

  • Returned items must be in the original packaging and in new, resalable condition.
  • Items should be free from scratches and defects.
  • Merchandise must not have been installed.
  • There must be no external writing or foreign labels on the merchandise packaging.
  • Restocking fees will not apply; however any return delivery fees are to be paid by the customer.
  • Local customers looking to avoid return delivery fees may return in-stock products directly Lincolnshire offices at no charge.
  • In-stock orders cannot be cancelled after it has shipped. Orders attempted to be cancelled after shipment will fall under our standard return policy, as stated here.
  • Returns should be made with a traceable source like Fragilistics, DPS, Parcel Force or Hermes.
Wrong Product

In the event you believe you have received the wrong product please firstly verify the item number on the item(s) you have received compared to your order confirmation and/or invoice. If it does not match, we recommend you REFUSE the delivery and contact us immediately. You must return the product in its original packaging and you will be reimbursed for returned freight charges if the wrong product was shipped.

Additional Information

Please inspect all merchandise immediately when you receive it. We will not honour any complaints on visible defects after the product has been cut or installed. There are occasions when an order is shipped from multiple locations and will arrive at different times. You would be advised of this in advance. In the event that all material is not delivered, please call us immediately. It is important to mark on your delivery receipt at the time of delivery any missing parts, pieces, rolls, or boxes.

Refund Information

Please note that refunds will not exceed the overall value of the product under any circumstances, including installation time, damage, or additional costs incurred. Refunds will be issued in the same method of payment as the original payment; i.e. if a purchase was made with a credit card, a refund will be issued to the original card. Under some circumstances, we may request for you to email/send pictures of damaged or defective merchandise before a refund can be processed.

If your order was delivered by freight and you would like us to arrange for a pickup of the merchandise you would like to return please call Customer Service at 01507 472600, Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5pm. Be aware, return delivery fees may apply.

If you have any other questions regarding your order, please contact one of our customer service representatives, at the above number.

Question 11 - Is there a warranty on my glass?

Mirrors and glass is insured to arrive safely to your door. Once it is received and signed for, we are not responsible for any damage. Please keep in mind that all of our products are very fragile in nature and should be handled with care. We cannot be responsible for damage caused by everyday use or by accidents beyond your control.

All our glass and mirrors conform to EU and BS standards. All mirrors and glass should last if properly installed. Please ensure, for challenging environments such as bathrooms, kitchens and steam rooms where water can attack the edges of the mirror, precautions are taken to seal your mirror with the appropriate clear mirror sealant.

Question 12 - Can I cancel/modify my order/shipment?

Due to the custom nature of our business and to ensure that orders are shipped on time, once your order is submitted and approved we begin working on it immediately. For this reason, most orders cannot be cancelled once submitted. If any changes are necessary, please contact our office immediately. In most cases, changes cannot be made once an order has been submitted but we will do our best to accommodate your needs if possible.

Orders are considered as submitted once you have made your payment.

Question 13 - What is your shipping policy?

We ship all over the UK and the cost for shipping is based upon product type, order size/value and weight. We are unable to ship fragile good items to Northern Ireland or international locations at this time.

If you are not going to be present to accept delivery and you wish the goods to be left unattended, please notify us prior to delivery in writing (post, email or fax) or leave a signed note in a secure place to this effect. You cannot do this for large fragile items as the driver will require help in unloading your item.

If you have any special requirements or believe access to your address may be difficult for a delivery then please contact us at

Our specialist courier company drivers will request your assistance in getting large items to your property. For large fragile items please note GROUND FLOOR DELIVERY ONLY

Please notify us as soon as possible if this will be a problem. The drivers are not permitted to carry your order upstairs and our contract is to deliver the item into the nearest internal safe position (except where an item has been requested to be left outside).

Without prejudice to the statutory rights afforded to consumers under English law, Concorde Glass Limited accepts no liability for any failure to ship products where this results from its inability to do so resulting from acts of god, civil commotion, riots, flood, draught, fire, legislation or other factors outside it's control, or its decision on reasonable grounds not to do so for reasons of suspicion of credit card fraud or similar, provided that it takes all reasonable steps to notify you within fourteen (14) days of order placement that products will not be shipped as ordered. In such cases Concorde Glass Limited will not process any payment or will immediately refund any payment made, in full.

What do I do if my package did not arrive on time?

If your package does not arrive in the specified shipping time that you asked for or were advised, please contact the courier directly - all the numbers are clearly labelled on your email dispatch confirmation. Please then contact our office to notify us of the problem.

Which carriers do you use?

We currently use UPS. Parcelforce, Hermes, DPS and Royal Mail. We use a specialist fragile goods carrier for oversize and fragile glass / mirror items called Fragilistics. For pallet shipments we use common pallet carrier network services.

All deliveries are booked in advance via text alert / email and your order status will be updated in the website accordingly. If you order multiple items, they may or may not be bundled and shipped together -- depending on a variety of factors. Shipping is calculated by a third party carrier and we have no control over pricing and we cannot discount their pricing.

Can I pick up my order from your location?

Yes. Pickups are always free but must be pre-arranged. Our pick-up location is:

Concorde Glass t/a
Linx House
Waterloo Road
LN12 1LS

Question 14 - What are the lead times for receiving an order?



In the event a product or service is listed at an incorrect price due to typographical error, error in calculation of the price, wrong/false information received from the customer, or pricing information received from our suppliers, Concorde Glass Limited have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for product or service listed at the incorrect price. Concorde Glass Limited shall have the right to limit the number of items purchased through our web site. Concorde Glass Limited shall have the right to refuse or cancel any order whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card charged. If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is cancelled Concorde Glass Limited will immediately issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount of the incorrect price. Prices shown are the suggested retail prices. Independent distributors and other sales agents are free to price products as they see fit and may not conform to the listed prices. Price and availability information is subject to change without notice.


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