Manufacturing and quality

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Established in 1987 we manufacture and process all our balustrade systems in house at our 70,000 square foot facility in the Lincolnshire coastal town of Mablethorpe. All our balustrades conform to BS6180 and have been independently tested with supporting static calculations from independent structural engineers offering advice for installing into concrete, steel and timber for most systems.

As a company we are totally transparent, and all our test data is online here at /important-documents-and-certification/ along with access to simple condensed version of our key manufacturing tolerances that we manufacture to in order to achieve our internationally recognised certifications to refer to at any time here /quality-control-documents/

If "we" cannot make it "we" don't sell it!

- Five glass polishing lines

- Two glass cutting tables

- Two glass CNC processing stations

- Two glass tempering lines

- One heat soaking glass oven

- Two EVA laminate cooking ovens

- Full spray booth

- A team of coded welders offering MIG/ TIG welding to EN 1090 with EN 1090 certifications for certain projects * (please note since balustrades are not covered by EN 1090 we cannot provide certifications for these products)

- On site laser welding for aluminium and thinner materials

- Sheet metal bending and cutting lines

All balustrade systems are designed on CAD prior to manufacture to ensure all measurements are correct and signed off prior to production.

If you want it done right first time - get it made2measure!

Safe delivery checklist

Step 1 – Check your access points and consider your storage

Before you purchase check and consider where and how the glass will be moved into position and installed. Check your access is suitable especially for larger panels which also will require more labour on site to move safely - the panels can get very heavy very quickly the thicker you go.

Please note we deliver all our glass for balustrades on purpose built wooden A frames that are unloaded via a tail lift and pump trump via an 18MT vehicle. Consider where does the delivery truck park and if your road is limited access at certain times of the day or for certain size vehicles have you advised us in advance? There may be additional charges in such instances.

Have you considered whether it is safe to move the glass or does there need to be consideration of other business activity or the public?

Have you planned where the glass will be stored before installation as once the A frame is positioned it cannot be moved again with a pump truck? Also consider the surface you will be placing the A frame onto - if it is gravel for example the A frame cannot be moved other than the tail lift drop off point.

Please note handrail and channel is delivered separately from the glass as these are oversize and will be delivered by Tufnell’s and we will provide a tracking number as soon as these oversize items leave us.

STEP 2 – Managing tradesman

Do not book tradesman same days as the system glass arrives. Glass is fragile and even though every effort on our part is made to deliver your products without damage a few orders inevitably can be affected.

We appreciate it is in your interests to install your balustrade as soon as possible but we must make clear we will not accept liability for costs of tradesman associated with your installation and hence strongly recommend you take receipt of your glass and metalwork in full before having your tradesman in for installation so you can ensure the order has arrived safely.

You are notified well in advance of your delivery date so you can plan your tradesman efficiently and in advance for the following day after your delivery. 

Product Lead Times

Please note the lead time of any order is always dictated by the longest lead time of any item in an order.

Balustrade systems generally take 15 – 20 working days from date your order is paid in full after being designed and signed off with the CAD team. A more comprehensive explanation of the order process is detailed in the ORDER AND DELIVERY box.

Balustrade toughened glass panels if ordered before 4pm Monday will be delivered the following week.

Balustrade laminated toughened panels if ordered before 4pm Monday will be delivered not the following week but the week after that. 

Balustrade parts normally are shipped in 3-5 working days.

Order and delivery process

All our quote systems are autogenerated. When you receive your quote, you can check the details and the data provided. At this stage, please pick up the phone if you have any questions, amendments or nonstandard requirements not shown in the quote. Our sales team will go through and check your quote is suitable and meets building regulations for the specific application requested. You will be sent an amended quote accordingly if required and this will be marked off as checked by your salesman so that if you wish to proceed the quote is ready to be sent to our CAD team for design. 

If you wish to proceed with an order, please login and create an account and after doing so send an email to confirming that you wish to proceed with your quote number including any revision number.

Within 2 working hours we will email to confirm a 20% deposit proforma invoice has been placed into your online account and you can go online to pay or call to pay over the phone. As soon as payment is received you will automatically receive confirmation and an email preparing you for a phone call from a member of CAD team. In this email it will reconfirm how to measure your balustrade. The CAD team will call you to go over the quote in detail and then prepare your drawings. This process normally takes 2 working days to have final drawings signed off if the communication between you and the CAD team is prompt and efficient. Signing off final drawings will require a response in writing as acceptance of the drawings as this will form the contract to manufacture and therefore you may be liable for costs if changes are made after signing off. In the unlikely event we cannot draw or provide a solution for your system we will return your deposit.

Upon signing off drawings the person who drew your system will create a manufacturing order for production to make your design and the value of this final order will be the remaining 80% and include the final delivery charges. They will place this into your account online and advise you they have done so. You can either go online and pay, pay by bank transfer, or call to pay over the phone.

Once you have paid your final balance the production lead time will provide a lead time of 15-20 working days but allow for more remote areas another 4-5 days for potential extended delivery times by our delivery carriers eg North Scotland or Cornwall. Generally, production process the order confirming a dispatch week as opposed a specific date at the start.

Any orders with handrail or channel please note these parts are delivered separately from the glass. These items are considered oversize and will be sent as soon as possible and will arrive before the glass. We use TUFFNELLS for these carrier services and we aim to dispatch these parts within a few days of placing your order and will provide a tracking number when the goods leave us. Please note Tuffnels are one of the few companies who can deliver these oversize items nationwide, but it can be problematic contacting their customer services. As such please be advised we cannot chase this order until at least 8 working days have elapsed from date of dispatch. Hence the reason shipping these parts as early as possible.

The glass and any other sundries that can go onto the A frame or pallet are delivered later via the pallet network. Our office team will communicate and arrange this directly with you and all pallet deliveries will also be booked in directly by the hauliers once it arrives at their local hub. We are happy to chase these deliveries for you at any time once they have left us. 

Please read the safe delivery checklist box to prepare for this delivery and consider the storage and access points raised in that section.


Delivery charges / areas serviced


We will not offer any overseas customers a delivered balustrade option, but they can purchase on an EXW basis and make their own arrangements. Please note any replacements for any reason are always supplied for such clients on a continued EXW basis. In such instances, please discuss options with a member of our sales team.

Hand delivery - small system purchases under 200kg

Isle of Mann / Canvey Island / Isle of Wight / IV / KW are not available for this delivery option and can only be supplied via A frames

Small system purchases under 200kgs are small enough to still be serviceable on our own fleet of glass IVECO vans and our partner carrier for the areas made2measure do not service called FRAGILISTICS.

Made 2 measure delivery cost for this option is £90 + VAT and made2measure covers all the UK except the below for areas serviced by made2m

Fragilistics delivery cost for this option is £120 + VAT and areas they cover as M2M cannot service them are -

TR / PL / TQ / EX / TA / SA / LD / SY / LL / CA / DG / PA / PH / DD / AB

Please note some areas of PA / PH / DD / AB are not serviced at all - when you put your postcode into the checkout you will see if you are affected. We are always trying to extend our coverage so this can change regularly.

Pallet / A frame delivery - any system purchase over 200kg

We can deliver nationwide to all UK mainland postcode via the pallet network and purpose-built A frames to ensure we can move your cargo safely.

Your price for delivery is at cost and consists of the following charges –

                        Wooden A frame - £84 + VAT

Pallet / A frame delivery – dependent on post code this can vary from £65 - £140 + VAT and weight per A frame is 1000kgs unloaded with tail lift

If you purchase a system 500kgs your price is same for delivery as purchasing a system 1000kgs. For non-remote areas an average charge for delivery is £80 + VAT so your final balustrade delivery cost is £164 + VAT whereas remote locations could be as high as £224 + VAT.

If your order is over 1000kgs sadly we would need to charge the same costs again but in such instances, we will absorb the cost of the A frame for the second delivery due to the size of your order.

Express Delivery Options

Balustrade systems

If your requirement is urgent, please speak to your sales team when placing your order. Generally, we do not offer an expedited solutions for balustrade system purchases but dependent on type and workload we can consider this on a case-by-case basis.

A minimum surcharge of £50 + VAT is applied to such order requests and then further charges may be applied dependent on personal requirements and options available and how much overtime etc would be required.

Balustrade glass panels

Express delivery is very difficult to quote fairly and so much is dependent on our current order levels, the current planned routes and weight availability, the delivery options available which are determined by size and type of product, the size of the order and finally the product selection itself. As such you may enquire about the options for any product you are interested in as the key consideration here is we want to help if we can but below are indicative "express manufacturing" times for the key products that we offer this service.




Every order requesting express service will be charged at £50 + VAT express manufacturing charge to cover extra paperwork, possibility of overtime and additional checks to push this order through our systems.

If you are collecting the goods from our factory, no additional charges will be levied but you must have the labour to load the vehicle without help unless of course we are forklifting a collection into your vehicle.

For organising an express delivery option one of the following 4 charges for delivery will be applied and agreed when you talk to us -

CHARGE 1 - £35 + VAT 

If we can place the order into an existing route and made2measure is the courier and there is space for the additional weight on the vehicle this charge will be applied.

CHARGE 2 - £75 - £180 + VAT* (dependent on area and not including A frame option)

If we can place the order safely onto a flat pallet with base dimensions 1100mm x 1100mm and you can take delivery with a tail lift and 18MT rigid vehicle we can send this through the pallet network on a next day service. The delivery cost for this can vary dependent on location from £75 - £180 per pallet.

Another option is to use a pallet A frame which has the same delivery charge, but you would need to buy the A frame for an additional £95 + VAT as well as the delivery charge. The A frame is suitable to take 1MT in weight and a max sheet size of 1500x1200.

Even though this is booked as a next day service we would suggest you allow for 2 days in your planning. The latest lead time on this could be 5 or 6 working days. Please note for more isolated areas like Cornwall, South Wales and North Scotland the pallet network cannot offer a next day service but an "express" service which is normally 3-4 days as opposed 5-6 days. 

CHARGE 3 - £200 + VAT 

This would be applicable for a made2measure delivery that could not be placed into an existing route planner, but we have other orders we can push through quickly at the same time to make the route viable.

CHARGE 4 - £400 + VAT

This involves booking a dedicated vehicle and driver for the day and is only available if made2measure are the courier and is in an area we cover.

CHARGE 5 - £550 + VAT 

This is a dedicated vehicle and is available for very large orders outside of the areas we normally service and reviewed on a case-by-case basis.



10mm toughened glass balustrade panels

Manufacturing and quality
Safe delivery checklist
Product Lead Times
Order and delivery process
Delivery charges / areas serviced
Express Delivery Options
Select a shape
Enter Dimensions
Shape 00
Swap max A with B
Size tolerance for material up to 10mm plus 1 mm minus 3mm
Size tolerance for material over 10mm plus 1 mm minus 4mm
Select balustrade glass type and thickness
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Select balustrade glass type and thickness

If you are buying glass for a system purchased elsewhere all the details as to your glass specification are supplied by the supplier of the system and not the glass company so before buying check your specifications with this supplier.

8mm toughened is used only internally and for a limited amount of solutions and we do not offer any full systems compatitable with this glass.

10mm toughened and above is generally used internally and externally with handrails in compatible building compliant systems. 

Toughened laminated is used on certain side mounted solutions and all systems without handrails as a general rule. 

Toughened can be used in systems with a handrail as a general rule. 

Balustrade edgework
Total: (inc VAT)