Acrylic Gym Mirrors


We NEVER sell acrylic mirror for use in gym or dance studios whether it is for home or commercial use. The reason for this is acrylic mirror easily flexes and bends and when used as a large acrylic mirror sheet it is very difficult to keep perfectly flat and this results in distortion in the reflection. Experienced laminators have tried to bond the material to MDF and the results are always the same - the results resemble more of a fairground mirror than a gym mirror. In fact it is acrylic mirror that is used to make fairground mirrors.
These products are only suitable in smaller sizes and where health and safety is paramount such as hospitals, planes, prisons, schools or in certain outdoor circumstances such as garden or stable mirrors. We are always very sorry to hear when customers come to us having already been sold acrylic mirror by competitors, being led to believe it would be fit for purpose and seeing the disappointing results for themselves.

If you wish to purchase acrylic mirror please visit our cut to size acrylic mirror section /acrylic-mirror/

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