Commercial Mirror Offers

As a leading UK supplier we understand the commercial sector’s requirements when it comes to mirror and glass fittings. We offer great solutions for commercial fitters, building companies and alike to purchase the highest quality 4mm and 6mm silver mirrors at unbeatable prices.

Mirrors in a range of sizes are available in MOQ 50pcs or more and we offer special volume pricing for large UK manufacturers or installation projects with MOQ 50pcs per size. Our rectangular silver mirrors are available in 4mm and 6mm, whilst we also have circlular and oval mirrors available in our 6mm contract range. All contract mirrors come with polished edges as standard and the option to add holes and screws as well as safety backing film.

If you have a requirement for 50 pcs same size of ANY MIRROR PRODUCT and find you cannot process this online, please either email or call us on 01507 472600 option 1 ensuring all the specifications are provided. 

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