Post No Handrail Glass Balustrade System

Made2Measure's post no handrail glass balustrade system is a popular choice from our extensive range of glass balustrades. Easy to install and enjoy the view without the need for a handrail. Grade 316 stainless steel with grit brush satin finish our post no handrail balustrade system passes BS 6180 with a 0.74kN rating. Independent static calculations conclude this system is suitable in a high wind load area if you follow the appropriate fixing data (extreme wind loads need further consideration). For all our test data please visit /important-documents-and-certification/

The maximum height for this glass balustrade is 1150mm and maximum glass span is 1200mm. The system can be manufactured to different heights for additional charge, and it can be used in designs with angles other than 90 degrees. In such instances you will need to tap and drill two clamps for your posts on site - this allows more flexibility during the installation.  

This glass balustrade is suitable for use internally and externally and 0.74kN rating covers all domestic use applications and light industrial use where there is limited footfall traffic.

For all applications with fall height over 600mm we will use 13mm toughened laminated glass to comply with building legislation. All toughened laminated glass balustrade systems will have holes in the glass for security pins to be used with the glass clamps.  For non-compliant glass balustrade systems with under 600mm potential fall height we will use 10mm toughened.

For navigating stairs please consider the fascia mounted glass balustrades (side mounted option).

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