Flat back clamp 12.76mm

Product code: Z131
£8.04 inc. VAT
  • Product Description

    Flat backed brushed stainless steel grade 316 - 63mm x 45mm x 27mm

    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

    Fits 12 - 12.76mm toughened and toughened laminated glass

    Includes rubber insert and security pins for use with toughened laminated panels

    Allowance for clamp between fixing point and glass is 22mm - for example a 1000mm gap would require glass size 956mm width to allow for the clamp fittings each side

    You must purchase x4 10mm holes with your glass panel if using toughened laminated for your security pins. We will know where to locate your holes for standard panels but if you need non standard please purchase this seperately - for example if using your own clamps.