Creating A Mirror Tile Feature Wall

A wall of mirror tiles can give the illusion of space and brighten any room in the house. Mirror tiles can be made from traditional silver mirror, tinted mirror or a variety of antique finishes. To create the mirrored wall, first measure the wall that the tiles are to cover and then calculate how many tiles are required. Mirror tiles can be made to measure to ensure all the tiles are of an equal size to fill the space and give a uniform finish. 

To fit the mirror tiles

  • Clean the wall where the mirrors are going to be placed using a soap solution
  • Arrange the tiles on a flat surface in desired pattern, measure length and width and transfer measurements to the wall with a pencil
  • Use a spirit level to check the lines are straight
  • Use a temporary support underneath the bottom row of mirrors if they are not resting on the skirting board
  • Apply mirror adhesive to the back of the mirror in spaced stripes, staying within an inch of the edge of the mirror to prevent the adhesive seaping out when pressed to the wall
  • Starting from the bottom, firmly press the mirror tile to the wall, keep the support in place for 24 hours until the adhesive has completely cured
  • Remove any excess adhesive from the front of the mirror with a damp cloth

Items you will need

  • Mirror tiles
  • Mirror adhesive and sealtant gun
  • Spirit level
  • Wood supports
  • Cloth
  • Soap