Fitting Glass In A U Channel Balustrade

Please watch the video for how to install glass into the OnLevel Glass Balustrade

Handy Installation Tips

  • Place the glass carrier holders into the aluminium channel
  • Carefully drop the glass into the channel
  • Dropt the glass wedge opposite the glass carrier but don't force it down.  If you force it down, you will prevent the glass carrier from moving and being able to set the glass alignment because the glass will already appear "locked"
  • The glass should be 2-3mm forward facing you from the panel you are aligning against
  • Finally, push the glass wedge down with the combi tool, this will push the glass back those 2-3mm for a perfect alighment

The temptation is to force down the glass wedge before aligning the glass with the glass carrier and the flex-fit tool. It is the most common error made by an installer new to OnLevel systems.

Glass Balustrade Installation