How To Install 2D Signs


Tape measure, laser or spirit level, pencil, roll of tape, drill, fixings to suit your substrate.

We do not supply wall cavity fixings, as the quantity, size and type will depend on your individual substrate requirements. 

FIXING METHOD - VHB tape (we supply VHB tape)

We recommend 2 or more people for this installation

This fixing option is suitable where the mounting surface is flat and non porous. 

Begin by doing a 'dry run'.

Position the sign in the desired location and check with the level. Carefully place a length of tape on the wall at each end of the sign, butting it up to the bottom edge. Mark on the tape at each end where the sign finishes.

Now place the sign face down on a non-scratch surface. Begin by applying the VHB tape to the rear of the sign along the bottom edge first. Leave a 10mm gap to the edge of the sign. Then apply tape to the sides and top leaving a 1mm gap to the edge. Next place vertical strips approximately every 400mm along the length.

VHB tape is very strong and will bond instantly. It is not forgiving so you will normally only get one chance to fix the sign in the correct position.

Remove all the backing from the tape and carefully hold the sign at an angle so the bottom edge almost touches the wall (as mentioned before 2 or more people are required depending on the size of the sign). Line up the bottom edge with the location marks and gently push the angled panel to the wall or substrate. Apply even pressure to the front of the sign everywhere there is tape.

Clean the sign and you're done !

FIXING METHOD - Screws and caps (we can supply screws and caps)

We recommend 2 or more people for this installation

Begin by marking out the screw holes. Usually holes are made every 400 - 500mm. For an aesthetic look they should be evenly spaced.

Drill 5mm countersunk holes and position the sign in the desired location. Check with the level and adjust as necessary. With it held in the correct position, mark all the holes onto the wall or surface (a marxman pen is good for this).

Carefully drill each hole and place a fixing into the wall or surface (fixings will be determined by your substrate). With the sign held in place screw it to the wall, taking care not to overtighten as this will distort the sign. 

Fit a plastic cap to each screwhead, clean and admire your new sign.