How To Install A LED Mirror Using A Hanging Tray


Tape measure, laser or spirit level, drill, fixings to suit your substrate.

We do not supply wall fixings, as the quantity, size and type will depend on your individual substrate requirements. However, we recommend pan head or mushroom headed screws and the diameter of the screw head chosen, must be between 7-9mm to enable the keyhole fixings to work correctly.


If you require no visible wires, then you need to prepare your site. A qualified electrician will need to run a suitable cable through the wall or substrate at the centre point of your mirror to be able to connect to the LED driver.


As with any wall drilling, please check for electrical cables and pipes. We recommend that all electrical work is carried out by a qualified electrician.

Begin by measuring the distances between the 'keyhole fixings' both vertically and horizontally.

Transfer these measurements onto your wall, checking that the horizontal locations are perfectly level. You can now drill these points (having checked for hidden cables and pipes). After fitting, leave the screwheads approximately 2mm away from the wall.

TOP TIP: You can place a large piece of paper (big enough to cover all fixing points, or simply join smaller pieces with tape) and do a pencil rubbing of all keyhole fixings. You can then transfer this to your wall location.

At this stage it would be helpful to have an extra pair of hands. Offer up the hanging  frame to the wall (without the mirror attached) and check that all the screws slot into the keyhole fixings. Adjust the screw depth as necessary to ensure a snug fit to the wall.

Place your mirror, (back upwards) on a cushioned level surface (laying a blanket or piece of carpet will help).  Apply mirror adhesive available here in parallel lines to the surface of the hanging frame (not the mirror) at 40mm intervals, leaving a gap of approximately 30mm from the outer edges. Gently lower the glued hanging frame onto the mirror approximately in the centre. Applying gentle pressure, move the hanging frame slightly in all directions to 'bed' the adhesive to the mirror. Immediately centre the frame on the mirror by measuring from each edge to ensure it is central.

Check after 10 minutes to ensure there has been no movement and re-adjust if necessary.

Leave for a minimum of 24 hours.

Once the adhesive has cured, the mirror is ready to be connected to the electricity supply. Again, we recommend this work is carried out by a qualified electrician. Your Made2measure LED mirror will include all the components to connect to a power source.

Once connected, it is time to slot your mirror onto the wall. 2 people are recommended for this task. Offer up the mirror taking care not to trap any wires under the frame. Carefully engage the fixings and slide down to secure the mirror.

Taking care, check that all sides of the mirror are secure and flat to the wall.

Clean the surface, stand back and admire your new Made2measure LED mirror.