How To Install Aluminium Framed Mirrors


Tape measure, laser or spirit level, pencil, roll of tape, drill, fixings to suit your substrate.

Your Made2measure mirror comes with the necessary quantity of frame fixing clips and corner fixing brackets.

We do not supply wall fixings, as the quantity, size and type will depend on your individual substrate requirements. 


As with any wall drilling, please check for electrical cables and pipes. We recommend that the electricity supply is switched off whilst carrying out this work. A qualified electrician can advise on this.

Begin by attaching the fixing clips around the frame. As the weight will be on the bottom length we suggest using clips approximately every 300mm on this length of frame. For the other 3 sides we suggest placing a clip 100mm in from the corners and then approximately every 600mm. Adjust as necessary to obtain equal spacing between clips.

At this stage it would be helpful to have an extra pair of hands (or 2). Offer up the frame to the wall (never hold the mirror or frame using the top edge). and adjust to your desired position using the level. Mark each fixing point carefully, making sure the frame does not move during this process. Make a note of the orientation of the frame to ensure it matches when final fixing.

Carefully drill the wall in the marked positions and place your chosen fixings into the wall. 

With 2 people, supporting the frame (DO NOT HOLD THE TOP PART OF THE FRAME) begin screwing your fixings into the bottom section first. Next fit the top section and finally the sides. Check that all fixings are secure, and you are about there.

Clean the mirror and frame, stand back and admire your new Made2measure gym mirror.