How To Measure And Install TV Framed Mirrors

Measuring for your TV framed mirror

uIt is vitally important to supply us with correct measurements to enable us to manufacture your TV frame mirror correctly.

Your TV mirror frame will look better the less distance it stands off the wall, therefore the frames are only suitable for modern slimline TV's.

This guide will explain which dimensions we need and how to send them to us.

  1. Measure the viewable area (actual screen), both horizontally and vertically.
  2. Next, measure the total size to the outer edges of the TV. You must include any parts that protrude from the frame such as infrared sensors or buttons.
  3. If your TV is already fixed to a wall, measure the distance from the wall to the front of the TV. Please ensure that the TV face is parallel to the wall when taking your measurements. Check this by taking dimensions from each corner of the TV.
  4. If you have not yet installed your TV, you will need to temporarily fix the mounting bracket to the rear and then take the measurement. TIP: With the bracket attached, place the TV (screen up) on a hard surface such as a table. Making sure the TV is perfectly horizontal, you can now measure from the flat surface (table or similar) to the front of the screen. Check the level by taking dimensions from each corner of the TV.
  5. Finally, we need to know the make and model of your TV including the size, (even though you have already supplied the dimensions above).

Installing your TV framed mirror

Tools you will need:

Spirit or laser level, tape measure, pencil, suitable fixings for your wall or substrate type.


As with any installations that involve drilling into a wall, ensure that there are no cables or pipes within the fixing area. If there is any doubt, we recommend a qualified electrician does this check and advises accordingly. 

NOTE: If your TV is already fixed to a wall, you may want to consider its position when the extra width and depth of the mirror frame are added to the overall size. For instance, it may now be too close to a mantle or other feature.

  1. Position the metal inner frame in your desired position on the wall, checking it is level. Mark the fixing points on the wall through the frame, then drill the holes. Place suitable fixings into the wall and fix