Installing Gym Mirrors With J Channels

For commercial gyms we always recommend the thicker 6mm mirrors which can be fitted with J channels for a seamless, professional finish.

Aluminium J channels come in 3.66metre lengths and come with a top and bottom channel to make a set. The top channel has a larger rebate that allows you push the mirror in from the front and up into this rebate and lower the mirror down into the bottom channel while still being held in place in the top channel.

The channels can be cut to size on site using a basic hack saw. If the blade is sharp enough it should not leave any sharp edges but we recommend you check your edges before erection and sand them off if required.

Please ensure you use the correct screws for your wall type. (These are not supplied).

We recommend you start with your bottom channel and take a spirit level and mark where on the wall you wish to put the bottom channel ensuring it is level. Once this has been clearly identified you MUST check there is sufficient support to hold the channel. If going into a stud wall you must drill into the wall batons otherwise there will not be enough support to hold the mirrors.

Using a hand drill screw every 300mm into the channel ensuring the screws are supported. Once the bottom channel has been screwed into the wall take one mirror and mark where the top is. The using this marker identify and mark with a spirit level where the top channel should go. Check again you are happy the mirror will be able to go over the bottom lip when pushed into the top channel rebate. If you are happy with your measurements then repeat the process of drilling the top channel into your wall as you did with the bottom channel.

Once complete take your mirrors and carefully lift them into the top rebate and lower slowly into the bottom rebate. The majority of our customers have not had difficulty in doing this final process but a few customers have commented it can be difficult. If you wish you can buy some glass handling suckers from a local DIY store if you are in anyway concerned.